Red Salute Comrade Khagen Das

All India Kisan Sabha dips its banner in tribute to the inspiring leader of the toiling masses of Tripura who led the Kisan Sabha in the State and whose voice echoed for the oppressed in Parliament. Comrade Khagen Das passed away in the early hours on 21st January at  Kolkata. He was in the city to attend the Central Committee  meeting of the CPI-M. He was the Convenor of the Tripura Left Front. Com. Khagen Das was CKC member of the Kisan Sabha from the 28th Conference, 1995 to 31st Conference 2006. He was a much loved leader of the Kisan Sabha in the State. He worked tirelessly to build Kisan Sabha in Tripura and also helped the neighbouring States. He was a member of 14th Lok Sabha and also a Rajya Sabha member. He earlier served as a minister in the Tripura Left Front Government. He worked to build unity of toiling masses and the people of Tripura against reactionary secessionist forces.

A Comrade who was dear to all of us he shall be remembered for his friendly interactions, his bold positions and his steadfast commitment to the cause of the oppressed. AIKS salutes this fighter for the cause of the working people and convey condolences to his bereaved family and fellow comrades.

Hannan Mollah
General Secretary

Ashok Dhawale