Fact finding Delegation will visit Rajasthan on 6, 7 January against unabated communal attacks on peasants and agriculture workers

Under the banner of Bhumi Adhikar Andolan, a fact finding delegation comprise of peoples representatives, advocates of Supreme Court and leaders of peasant organizations and Media persons will visit Rajasthan -on 6, 7 January 2018 to expose the unabated attacks on minorities.

The delegation will visit Ghatmeeka village of the dairy farmer Ummar khan who was killed recently by so called Gourakshaks , Alwar where dairy farmer Pehlu Khan was murdered and Rajsamand where a migrant agriculture laborer Afrasul was killed and video graphed. The delegation will interact with the family members of the victims of communal attacks on peasants and agricultural workers from minority community, representatives of citizen groups and Police and Revenue officers. Public hearing will be held at Alwar and Udaipur. The delegation will meet the District Superintendent of Police, Alwar and District Magistrate of Rajsamand.

The series of attacks on peasants and workers from minorities by the criminal communal forces supported by RSS and BJP under the cover of the communal slogan of ‘cow protection’ as happening in Rajasthan is part of conspiracy by the imperialist forces to divide the class unity of the people of India to perpetuate class exploitation. The British colonial rule had the legacy of ‘Divide and Rule’ and currently under the BJP led Central and State Governments, RSS is playing the same role by misusing the religion.

The kind of communal politics being pushed up by RSS is anti constitutional and dangerous to the unity of the people and the country. Such anti-national tendencies needs to be dealt with iron clad determination by all the progressive citizen and democratic political forces to save the country from becoming prey of domestic violence and civil war type of situation as happening in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon etc under the machination of Centre Intelligence Agency and US Imperialism. The danger of both majority and minority communalism needs to be resisted and shown their place in a modern civil society and that is possible only by strengthening class unity of the peasantry as well as working class. Hindu-Muslim unity was the core of unity of Indian people in independent struggle against British colonial and feudal forces.

Unfortunately the Government of India and the State Government of Rajasthan have failed to live up to the expectation of the progressive citizen and ensure protection to the minorities. So far more than 30 innocent persons belong to the Muslim community have been lynched and murdered in different parts of the country during the NDA rule under the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Rajasthan has become the epicenter of such criminal attacks of communal nature especially on dairy farmers and agriculture works. Hence the Bhumi Adhikar Andolan decided to lead a delegation to Visit Rajasthan on 6, 7 January 2018 as a fact finding team.

The delegation includes K K Ragesh MP Rajyasabha from Kerala and Joint Secretary AIKS, Badarudozza Khan , MP Loksabha from West Bengal, Mehaboob Alam, MLA from Bihar and leader of AIKM, Advocates from Supreme Court- P V Surendra Nath, Senior Advocate, Adv. Rasmita R Chandran, Adv. K R Subhash Chandran, leaders of BAA – Amra Ram Ex MLA and Vice President AIKS, Vijoo Krishnan Joint Secretary, AIKS, P Krishnaprasad Ex MLA and Finance Secretary AIKS, Devendra singh Chouhan, Vice President AIKM, Dhirendra Bhadauria , EC member AIKM, Bilal Khan, National Organiser , NAPM from Maharashtra, Mujahid Nafees, leaders of BAA from Gujarat, Adv Rajender Singh of Haryana and leader of AIKKMS, Pavan Duggal Ex -MLA and CWC member AIAWU from Rajasthan, Sehba Farooqi , Social activist from Delhi, Rajasthan BAA leaders Chhagan lal (AIKS), Dr. Sanjay Madhav (AIKS), Swai Sing Ji (Samgra Sewa Sangh), Moulala Haneef – Alwar, Virendrra Vidrohi- Alwar ( INSAF), Abrar Ahmed (retired RAS, Comrade Tara Singh Siddhu ( Kisan Sabha Ajoy Bhawan) among others. A group of media persons will accompany the delegation.

Released by
Shweta Tripati, Madhuresh Kumar, P Krishnaprasad, Sanjeev Kumar
For Bhumi Adhikar Andolan